Hi! Hunter Hastings here,

I’m an economist by education, a marketer in my professional track, a venture capitalist in my current business life, an Individualist in philosophy, and a passionate supporter of entrepreneurship in whatever form I can practice it, support it and advance it.

I’ve created HunterHastings.com as a place for entrepreneurs, and I hope you’ll make use of the resource and tools you’ll find here.

What Do Entrepreneurs Need to Succeed In Business?

Some people are born with personality traits and abilities that enable them to become successful entrepreneurs – passion, boundless energy, innovative ideas and plans on how to execute them.

There’s one thing none of them are born with – business experience!

That’s where I’m trying to help. I’m fortunate to have experienced success in starting and growing businesses throughout my career, and now I’m trying to share the tools, resources, and knowledge that I’ve gained along the way with entrepreneurs who are eager find their own success.