A nation founded on entrepreneurship.

Our nation’s founders were entrepreneurs, committed to establishing an entrepreneurial framework in our institutions. We enjoy all the innovative potential of an entrepreneurial republic, if we can keep it.

The Value Creators Podcast Episode #30. Kartik Gada: The Impact Of AI on Entrepreneurship

Hunter Hastings and Kartik Gada discuss the transformative dynamics of the digital economy and its profound implications for society, economics, and governance. Kartik Gada provides a compelling analysis of how the exponential growth of the high-tech sector is reshaping traditional notions of supply, demand, and pricing, highlighting the unique characteristics of digital goods that defy conventional economic models

Through a deep dive into the future of taxation, entrepreneurship, and individual specialization, they explore the disruptive potential of AI and automation in revolutionizing the way we work, create value, and interact with the economy. Kartik emphasizes the significance of cybersecurity and ethical considerations in the digital age, and the use of technology to ensure fairness and safety for all participants.