The Economics for Business Podcast

A podcast based on the winning principle that entrepreneurs need only know the laws of economics plus the minds of customers. After that, apply your imagination.

E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #178 Featuring Mark Packard

179. Mark Packard On Entrepreneurial Valuation, Part 2: How Entrepreneurs Create Value

How do entrepreneurs and executives apply that theory to create customers, delight them, and grow strong brands and businesses?
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #178 Featuring Mark Packard

178. Mark Packard On Entrepreneurial Valuation, Part 1: Value Learning

Getting into the minds of customers is the universal need of everyone in business. A new book by Mark Packard, Entrepreneurial Valuation, provides a new understanding of how customers identify value in the constant, never-ending flow of the value learning cycle.
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #177 Featuring Mark McGrath

177. Mark McGrath On After-Action Reviews

The business-as-a-flow orientation embraces continuous adaptive change within the firm. Traditional slow-motion control mechanisms like strategy and planning are no longer appropriate. The new toolkit that entrepreneurs are developing includes the after action review (AAR), a learning tool rather than a misguided attempt at predictive control.  
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #176 Featuring Peter Lewin and Steven Phelan

176. Peter Lewin and Steven Phelan: How Do Entrepreneurs Calculate Economic Value Added? Subjectively.

At the core of the entrepreneurial orientation that is the engine of vibrant, growing, value-creating, customer-first businesses, we find the principles of subjectivism and subjective value.
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #175 Featuring Curt Carlson

175. Curt Carlson: Value Creation as a Life Skill

Curt Carlson has devoted his life to value creation and innovation — VC&I as he sometimes characterizes it. He has been CEO of SRI, a “pure innovation” company where the business model was to create important new innovations that positively impacted the lives of many people. He talks to Economics For Business about value creation and innovation as a life skill.
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #174 Featuring Sterling Hawkins

174. Sterling Hawkins: Discomfort Is Your Most Valuable Feedback Loop

Negative feedback loops give us the opportunity to improve our service delivery capacity, and the value proposition behind it. Sterling Hawkins has identified the ultimate feedback loop for personal performance. He calls it discomfort.
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #173 Featuring René Rodriguez

173. Rene Rodriguez: Unleashing Voluntary Energy Via Influence

n we persuade a customer to switch to our brand or service? Can we get the board or the C-Suite to approve our proposal? Can we convince a VC to fund our startup? The common denominator across all these tasks is influence.
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #172 Featuring Christian Sandström

172. Christian Sandström: Why Governments Can’t Act Entrepreneurially

A strange strand of thought has emerged in European political economy circles that has been given the name of The Entrepreneurial State. The headline claim is that the state (i.e., nation state governments) can and should intervene in the economy to bring about innovation.
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #171 Featuring Ben Ford

171. Ben Ford on Situational Awareness and Managing for Constant Change

The increasing adoption of systems thinking in business tells us that the world is changing very fast, and companies need to change at least as fast as their environment in order to thrive.
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #170 Featuring Annika Steiber

170. Annika Steiber: Rendanheyi is the Most Radically Disruptive Organizational Innovation

Innovation in organization is at least equal in importance to technological innovation and product / service innovation. It tends to get less attention, which is a great opportunity for imaginative entrepreneurs to implement change for competitive advantage.
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #169 Featuring Jeff Arnold

169. Jeff Arnold: A Passionate Entrepreneur Profitably Redesigns The Insurance Experience

Is there any industry a passionate entrepreneur can’t improve and enhance by elevating the customer experience? The answer is clearly no. Economics For Business talks to Jeff Arnold, who finds insurance fun, exciting, and a source of inspiration, and who is advancing profitably towards the new future he’s imagining, where buying insurance is so enjoyable that customers will stop shopping on price and clamor for the new experience he is designing.
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #168 Featuring Anthony J. Evans

168. Anthony J. Evans: Markets for Managers and Entrepreneurs

. We discuss markets with Anthony J. Evans, a business school professor who teaches that all businesspeople must become economists.