Public Speaking & Events

My public speaking range extends from audiences of several hundred for the many corporate business presentations he has made around the world, to smaller and more intimate, yet still international, groups such as IEEE, ANA, ISSIP, HICSS and AERC.

Topics: Individualism, Entrepreneurship, Emerging Technology, Austrian Economics, Free Markets.

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A photo of myself with Rand Paul at the launch of Senator Paul’s book The Case Against Socialism.

Addressing FreedomFest 2018 on the subject of “Murray Rothbard, Pro and Con”, alongside Walter Block (center) Jeffrey Tucker (left) and Mark Skousen (not shown).

Joining Bob Chitester, Chairman of the Free To Choose Network (left), Mercatus Center’s nationally syndicated columnist Veronique De Rugy (center) and John Fund (not shown) of National Review Online and The American Spectator, on the panel discussing “Sweden’s Not-So Socialist Success Story” at FreedomFest 2018

With Hans-Hermann Hoppe at Austrian Economics Research Conference 2019

A photo from a workshop I co-chaired on Economics For Entrepreneurs at the Mises Institute in March 2019, with Jeff Deist, President of the Mises Institute in Auburn, AL.