Entrepreneurial Self-Assessment

Fill out the questions below to assess your strengths and weaknesses based on the 9 behavioral traits of Austrian Entrepreneurs:

  • Self-Reliance

  • Operating on an island, confident in yourself and in making the judgments, taking the decisions and initiating the actions that only you can do, even when others disagree.
  • You strive for achievement and persevere in your efforts even when obstacles or setbacks seem severe. You adhere to your goals and pursuit of your interests.
  • You are conscious of the time that entrepreneurial development takes. You imagine the future and strive to bring it to life with present-day resources. You are willing to delay your gratification but not to abandon your achievement target.
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  • Self-Augmentation

  • The sociability to make connections, the friendliness to sustain them and the technical capacity to utilize today's platforms and tools to maximize your reach.
  • The curiosity to seek out new knowledge, the intellect to assess and integrate it, and the love of learning to enjoy the process.
  • The assertiveness to take the most forward position and the energetic group leadership that motivates others to follow.
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  • Customer Value Facilitation

  • The insight to sense others' values and motivations, the empathic diagnosis to understand their needs, and the empathic diagnosis to design a value-facilitating solution.
  • The belief in others to trust their judgment, the collaborative skill to mold a response, and the willingness to share ownership of a co-created outcome.
  • No anxiety in the face of unexpectedly changing environmental factors, no vulnerability in the face of criticism and disagreement, and emotional stability in the face of business ups and downs.
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