Economics for Business Podcast Transcripts

A podcast based on the winning principle that entrepreneurs need only know the laws of economics plus the minds of customers. After that, apply your imagination.

A Radical New Vision Of Value Creation And The Value Roles Of Consumers And Entrepreneurs From Professors Bylund and Packard.

Professors Bylund and Packard offer us an entirely new perspective on market process: the co-navigation of value uncertainty by consumers and entrepreneurs. It's a radical re-thinking of value and value roles, of stimulus-response, and of cause and effect.
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #104 Featuring Mohammad Keyhani

Mohammad Keyhani: Implications Of Generativity For Entrepreneurship And Strategy

Implications of Generativity for Entrepreneurship and Strategy Guest: Mohammad…

How To Manage: Learn From The People, Plan With The People, Begin With What They Have.

Learn from the people Plan with the people. Begin with…

Austrian School Versus Business School: Dr. Per Bylund Compares The Insights Available To Entrepreneurs.

Podcast transcript. Sept 29, 2020 Dr. Per Bylund compares…
E4E Podcast Cover for Episode #84 Featuring Bob Luddy of CaptiveAire

Bob Luddy Is A CEO Who Applies Principles Of Austrian Economics In His Business Every Day.

One of the things that I really like about the Austrian economists,…
E4E Podcast Cover for Episode #82 Featuring David K. Hurst

David K. Hurst: The Organic Approach To Strategy And Business Management And The Ecological Business Model.

Podcast Transcript: Conversation With David K. Hurst; September…

How Free-Market Entrepreneurship Is Transforming The Economics Of Healthcare In America.

Podcast Transcript: Conversation With Dr. Keith Smith of the…

Meaning In Life Is Critically Important To Well-Being. Entrepreneurship Is A Key Route To Get There.

Podcast Transcript: Clay Routledge (Professor of Psychology,…
E4E Podcast Cover for Episode #78 Featuring Per Bylund

Per Bylund Introduces The Austrian Business Model.

Podcast Transcript: Conversation With Economist Dr. Per Bylund;…