I believe that the truly just society – and the one that serves all its members best – is the one that encourages and supports the creativity, imagination, and freedom of its entrepreneurs. You’ll find some important support for this thinking in topics I’ve been writing about lately.

A nation founded on entrepreneurship.

Our nation’s founders were entrepreneurs, committed to establishing an entrepreneurial framework in our institutions. We enjoy all the innovative potential of an entrepreneurial republic, if we can keep it.

Economic Life After The Corporation.

Corporations are a relatively recent invention. Entrepreneurs brought them into existence to manage the scale and scope of the industrial era. They may not be relevant or needed in the next economic era.

Customers don’t have problems to solve. They have imagined futures that are better than today.

The energy for value creation and innovation originates with the customer. By being open to new value propositions, customers bring them into being. The customer imagines a future that's better than today. Entrepreneurship brings that future into reality.

There’s no place for management any more. What will replace it?

What in the past has been thought of as "management" has no place in the modern digital (and increasingly AI powered) enterprise. We need a new mental model.

Value Geeks

The world is moving in favor of value geeks - those who know and apply the 4 guiding principles of the value creation algorithm.

Let’s stop calling creative and innovative businesses “small”.

Big thinking, global networking, big value, big opportunity - there's nothing small about small business.