I believe that the truly just society – and the one that serves all its members best – is the one that encourages and supports the creativity, imagination, and freedom of its entrepreneurs. You’ll find some important support for this thinking in topics I’ve been writing about lately.

How To Think Like A Successful Entrepreneur.

Successful entrepreneurs think about their business in value…
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #102 Featuring Dale Caldwell

Fighting Poverty With Entrepreneurship.

My father, the late Reverend Gilbert H. Caldwell, Jr. was a Civil…

Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship.

[postintro]There are many reasons to elevate entrepreneurship…

Take A Job? No, Make A Job.

The institutional and cultural guidelines today for personal…

Treating Consumers As Means Not Ends Is A Fatal Business Model Flaw.

Recently, some of the Big Tech companies of Silicon Value have…