The Economics for Business Podcast

A podcast based on the winning principle that entrepreneurs need only know the laws of economics plus the minds of customers. After that, apply your imagination.

E4E Podcast Cover for Episode #89 Featuring Jeff Booth

89. Jeff Booth: How Entrepreneurs Can Harness The Power Of Technological Deflation

What is technological deflation, and how can entrepreneurs take advantage of it? By combining already available and easily accessible technologies to facilitate the accelerated information flows that constitute value in the 21st Century: higher quality, faster speeds, lower costs. Jeff Booth explains.
E4E Podcast Cover for Episode #88 Featuring David. K Hurst

88. David K. Hurst: Managing People-As-Ends and not People-As-Means.

In many situations, the complexities in managing a diverse and layered team of people is to view individuals as ends and not means.
E4E Podcast Cover for Episode #87 featuring Professor Matthew McCaffrey
E4E Podcast Cover for Episode #86 featuring Allan Branch

86. Allan Branch: Entrepreneurs Are Authors Writing Their Own Story

"Entrepreneurship is like sailing through changing weather, winds, waves and tides.” - Allan Branch
E4E Podcast Cover for Episode #85 featuring Dr. Per Bylund

85. Dr. Per Bylund on the Austrian School versus Business School

Why do business schools exist? Dr. Bylund wonders if business schools are facing an existential problem.
E4E Podcast Cover for Episode #84 Featuring Bob Luddy of CaptiveAire

84. Bob Luddy: Five Active Processes of Austrian Economics That Helped Me Build One of America’s Most Successful Entrepreneurial Businesses

Bob Luddy is founder and CEO of CaptiveAire (, the US market leader in commercial kitchen ventilation systems. It’s a $500MM+ business with 1,000+ employees and a 40+-year success record. Bob explains to Economics tor Entrepreneurs how these principles of Austrian economics, applied as active processes, played a part.
E4E Podcast Cover for Episode #83 Featuring Clay Miller

83. Clay Miller: An Entrepreneurial Journey to New Lands, New Organizational Designs and New Value

Clay Miller got a Commodore 64 (you can look it up!) when he was 11 years old, and his interest in computing, software and writing code started there.
E4E Podcast Cover for Episode #81 Featuring Dr. Keith Smith of the Free Market Medical Association

81. Dr. Keith Smith: The Free Market Medical Association Brings Entrepreneurship to Medical Services

Dr. Keith Smith, Co-Founder of the The Free Medical Association (, is an entrepreneur and free market warrior who is undaunted by the seeming scale of his innovation task: to bring to healthcare the kind of customer experience only entrepreneurial free markets can deliver (see "Pillars of the Free Market Medical Association" PDF).
E4E Podcast Cover for Episode #80 Featuring Clay Routledge and John Bitzan

80. Clay Routledge and John Bitzan: Entrepreneurship Brings Meaning and Purpose to Life

The entrepreneurial life is a life of meaning and purpose. We believe that strongly, and our belief is anchored in the ethic of entrepreneurship: to serve others, making their lives better, and thereby improve one’s own life, making an entrepreneurial profit, both economic and psychic.
E4E Podcast Cover for Episode #79 Featuring Steven Phelan

79. Steven Phelan on the Many Different Entrepreneurial Journeys

Steve Phelan has spent a lifetime in entrepreneurship, as a student, a researcher, a teacher, an investor, an innovator and a practitioner. He found that people today — especially young people — are over-focused on the Silicon Valley / Venture Capital / Become A Billionaire model. That’s pretty rare (and may not even be a good model).
E4E Podcast Cover for Episode #78 Featuring Per Bylund

78. Per Bylund Introduces the Austrian Business Model

Dr. Per Bylund joined us on the Economics For Entrepreneurs podcast to provide an exposition and explanation of the core structure of the Austrian Business Model (ABM).