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98. Mark Packard’s Empathic Mental Model for Predicting Future Customer Value

Empathy, properly employed, is a robust business tool that smart entrepreneurs use to design winning value propositions. Download The Episode Resource Empathy As A Process Tool – Download Key Takeaways & Actionable Insights Here’s why empathy matters for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs’ success depends on what others do — those others being customers. The entrepreneur has the […]

82. David K. Hurst: Business School Fallacies and Acting Your Way to Better Thinking

At E4E, we believe that Austrian economics can guide business execs and entrepreneurs to better thinking about how to manage businesses that thrive. Business educator David K. Hurst blames neo-classical, Chicago School economics for the bad thinking that pervades business today. Key Takeaways & Actionable Insights Here’s how he phrased it in our @e4epod Episode […]