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How Entrepreneurs Build Beautiful Businesses.

In his book, Narrative Economics, Robert Schiller, Nobel Prize-winning economist, tells us that the greatest influences on the nation’s economy come from the stories we tell ourselves about it. A depression lasts longer when people tell themselves and each other that it’s going to be a long time before things turn around. Recoveries accelerate when […]

68. Steve Phelan Explains Why Entrepreneurial Intelligence Beats Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence promises cognitive augmentation for business practitioners. Professor Steven Phelan’s research reveals that Entrepreneurial Intelligence is far more important and far more likely to influence business success. He explains Entrepreneurial Intelligence and why it will always beat Artificial Intelligence on this week’s episode.

67. Trini Amador: The Business Tools to Shift Customer Behavior in Your Favor

Every successful business is built on empathic understanding of customers’ preferences. As we know from the theories of Austrian economics, the preference scales of every individual are highly subjective, idiosyncratic, context-dependent, and highly changeable. How does an entrepreneur develop the appropriate level of understanding? Can this understanding be a source of business-building advantage?