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107. Ivan Jankovic: The Special Understanding of Entrepreneurship by Americans of the Austrian School

Austrian economics has always been on the leading edge of innovative thinking applicable to business. Back in the last century, there was a group of American economists of the Austrian school who greatly advanced theories related to subjectivism; that is, the role of human beliefs and preferences, and of the market as a process. Here […]

105. Per Bylund: Austrian Economics is the Science of Business Success

For any size and any type of business, the generation of value requires more than strategy, planning, and executional excellence. It calls for the establishment, communication, and internalization of value-generation principles, solidly founded and consistently applied. This concept of the long-term, dynamic application of unchanging principles is the essence of the Austrian approach to business. […]

Mohammad Keyhani: Implications Of Generativity For Entrepreneurship And Strategy

Implications of Generativity for Entrepreneurship and Strategy Guest: Mohammad Keyhani Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary [email protected]   This article is based on episode 104 of the “Economics for Business” podcast by the Mises Institute (www.mises.org/E4BPod) featuring Mohammad Keyhani in conversation with host Hunter Hastings. This text is a slightly edited version of the […]

104. Professor Mohammad Keyhani on Generativity, The New Digital Pathway to Business Growth

We see business through the lens of entrepreneurship, defined as the intentional pursuit of new economic value. A reasonable proxy metric we can use is growth. Business growth is consequence of generating new economic value. That value is determined by customers, and a growing company is creating more customers and/or adding to its share of customer dollars spent in value exchange.

Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship.

[postintro]There are many reasons to elevate entrepreneurship as the institutionally-approved and institutionally-accelerated pathway to economic success for everyone. Community flourishing through self-help is one of them. I’m supporting the team behind Entrepreneur Zones, focused efforts for enhanced performance of small businesses in targeted locations in economically under-performing geographies  [/postintro] 2020 witnessed small businesses across the […]