I believe that the truly just society – and the one that serves all its members best – is the one that encourages and supports the creativity, imagination, and freedom of its entrepreneurs. You’ll find some important support for this thinking in topics I’ve been writing about lately.

Mainstream Economists Favor Efficiency. That Should Not Be A Goal – It Should Be Avoided.

What does an economy do? Modern economics suggests it is about…

Is There A Philosophy Of Entrepreneurship? Yes, There Most Certainly Is. It Starts With Ethics.

Mainstream economics today does not believe in ethics, or does…
Hunter Hastings LCI Interview Cover

Interview on The Libertarian Christian Podcast

Check it out! A few weeks back I joined Doug Stuart to discuss my book, The Interconnected Individual, and why we should look forward to the exciting new economic realities of the future. 

Interview on Power Trading Radio

Check out my recent appearance with John O'Donnell on Power Trading…