I believe that the truly just society – and the one that serves all its members best – is the one that encourages and supports the creativity, imagination, and freedom of its entrepreneurs. You’ll find some important support for this thinking in topics I’ve been writing about lately.

Value Mapping: New Thinking About Business Model Innovation.

Value is a cyclical process. Innovative business model designs reflect the cycle, bringing new value to every stage for all participants and partners.

Now Is A Good Time To Discard The Concepts Of Strategy, Planning And Strategic Planning.

It's very hard to think of running a business without a strategy or a plan. But in fact, business managers should free their minds of these restrictions on action, and instead focus on exploration and expansion of a portfolio of experiments.

Loss Of Jobs? No, It’s The Splendid Rise Of Entrepreneurship.

The concept of jobs comes from a previous era. The fear of "loss of jobs" is therefore misplaced. We are entering an era of universal entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs Do Not Fail, They Effectuate Funds Of Knowledge For Human Flourishing

Fear of failure may be a deterrent for aspiring, or even practicing entrepreneurs. But entrepreneurs don't fail. They are leaders in the socially beneficial accumulation of knowledge.

How Creative SMEs And Their Digital Assistants Will Elevate The Second Economy To First Position.

Don't fear that jobs will be replaced by digital automation. Celebrate the new emerging value generation capability of entrepreneurs with digital assistants.

Entrepreneurship Is Our Highest And Most Productive Technology.

Entrepreneurship is a technology, by every definition of the term. It's a technology that harnesses the natural phenomenon of the pursuit of a better life.