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7. Per Bylund on Opportunity Cost

Hunter Hastings talks with Per Bylund about Opportunity Costs. Why is this important? Because, for entrepreneurs, all costs are opportunity costs; and opportunity costs are the only costs. Opportunity cost is the core of economics, and to develop an understanding of how to apply economic principles to real life, it’s the place we must start. Show […]

8 Attributes of Austrian Entrepreneurs

What attributes do great entrepreneurs have? An entrepreneur plays the role of identifying a need, imagining a future where that need is met, and taking action to assemble the right resources to deliver a product or service which meets that need. The individual who thrives in this role exhibits some special character traits and personal […]

Empathic Diagnosis Interview Guide

In our podcast episode, The Role Of The Entrepreneur, Peter Klein presents us with the idea of Entrepreneurial Empathy – the notion that entrepreneurs can get into the customer’s mind, understand and identify their needs and wants from their perspective and in their perception.  The tool we’ve created is designed to give you a framework for conducting and analyzing in-depth […]