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46. 8 Austrian Actions for 2020

Entrepreneurship is action. It’s a process in which the actions of the entrepreneur are decisive. In the final podcast of 2019, we suggest 8 action steps you can take for the betterment of your business in 2020 and beyond. Key Takeaways & Actionable Insights Below are the 8 actions you can immediately take to make your business more Austrian […]

45. 2019 In Review: Four Principles Of Austrian Economics You Can Usefully Apply To Your Business

In an attenuated Christmas Eve podcast, we highlighted four of the useful principles we covered during 2019. Principle 1: Customer Sovereignty – Which Means Putting Your Customer First. The economists call it customer sovereignty – the principle that it is the consumer who ultimately decides which businesses are successful and which are not, as a […]

42. Per Bylund on Economics of Value vs. Economies of Scale

Good economic theory predicts effective, cutting edge business practices. For example, the dynamic flexibility of capital resource allocation predicted by Austrian Capital Theory is being realized today via digitization, dematerialization and agile organizational innovations. Entrepreneurs who fully embrace Austrian theory can be leaders in the field of business implementation.