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Entrepreneurs Change The World For The Better By Thinking Exclusively About How To Offer New Value To Consumers.

Original Article by Per Bylund. Politics is hardly an effective force for bringing about positive change in society. Instead, real change, and especially such that changes people’s lives for the better, comes from elsewhere. It comes from business, and specifically from innovators, entrepreneurs, and pioneers in the market. And very often it does so despite […]

Opportunity Cost Calculator

The entrepreneur must understand the mind of the consumer in order to see opportunity costs in the way the consumer sees them. Opportunity cost is a subjective evaluation on the consumer’s part. How do they look at alternatives when they are considering the entrepreneur’s offer? Would they assign greater value to the aluminum product compared […]

7. Per Bylund on Opportunity Cost

Hunter Hastings talks with Per Bylund about Opportunity Costs. Why is this important? Because, for entrepreneurs, all costs are opportunity costs; and opportunity costs are the only costs. Opportunity cost is the core of economics, and to develop an understanding of how to apply economic principles to real life, it’s the place we must start. Show […]