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14. C Jay Engel on The Entrepreneurial Life

Hunter breaks down the life of an entrepreneur with C Jay Engel, a successful digital technologist and author. Show Notes The entrepreneurial life is good for the individual, the family, society and civilization. Whether your entrepreneurial undertaking is something small or something huge, or somewhere in between, doing something entrepreneurial, utilizing your own resources, benefits […]

13. Per Bylund on Subjective Value

Per Bylund talks to Hunter Hastings about the value-centric model for successful entrepreneurship, and we provide an infographic to help you apply the model to your own business. Show Notes Subjective value is an important subject in economics — and even more so in entrepreneurship, where it is fundamental to what entrepreneurs do. It’s the critical factor […]

The Subjective Value Cycle

How should you think about the different stages of Value Facilitation? On a recent podcast episode with Per Bylund, we discussed the notion of subjective value and its importance in business development. We created the following infographic to help entrepreneurs gain a better understanding of the process. Check it out below or click here download […]

12. Lisa Stevenson on Organizational Psychology And The Entrepreneurial Personality

In our ongoing project to build a solid bridge between the theory and practice of entrepreneurship, we explored the connection between organizational psychology and the entrepreneurial personality. Lisa Stevenson studied I/O Psych as an undergrad, in connection with business courses, and became fascinated with it. I/O Psych is shorthand for Industrial and Organizational Psychology – […]