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Rokeach’s Values

The Use Of Terminal And Instrumental Values In Understanding Consumer Motivations. Economists know that consumers make purchase decisions in the context of their subjectively held values. Each individual holds different values. They all have a hierarchy of values – some are more important to them than others – and this internal hierarchy determines how they […]

The Means-End Chain

What is the Means-End Chain Tool and How Should You Use It? Economic principles can be used in business through applications that we refer to as tools. The Means-End Chain tool is an example of a tool that we talked about in Economics for Entrepreneurs Episode 1 with Peter Klein. Customers and consumers act with […]

1. Peter Klein on Means and Ends

There are some economic principles that can help entrepreneurs in their business-building endeavors. One is the understanding of ends and means. What ends (goals, objectives) are your customers pursuing, and how do they choose the means to achieve those ends? The customer is in charge of choosing ends, and the entrepreneur takes charge of offering […]