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74. Raushan Gross on The Inspiring Life and Beneficial Impact of Entrepreneurs

Raushan Gross is one of the outstanding writers on the subject of entrepreneurship. In his latest e-book, The Inspiring Life and Beneficial Impact of Entrepreneurs, he establishes the ground rules of the complex system of entrepreneurial innovation in seven principles.

Key Takeaways & Actionable Insights

1) Consumer dissatisfaction is transformed into innovation by alert entrepreneurs.

The fuel that powers the engine of innovative progress is consumer dissatisfaction. The creativity of entrepreneurs transforms the fuel into the energy of innovative ideas, positive change and economic growth.

2) The engine keeps running because entrepreneurs continuously compete for customer approval.

Consumers and customers accept the latest innovation and keep seeking the next one. This relentless search inspires entrepreneurs to out-do each other in trying to bring the next improvement to market. We call it competition, but it’s really the entrepreneurial engine that never stops.

3) Entrepreneurs are empowered by their continuous learning from a constantly changing marketplace.

Some call the entrepreneurial process “trial and error”. Error should not be viewed as a negative concept — it’s learning. The entrepreneur gets smarter with every learning occasion. Learning is continuous because the market is constantly changing.

4) Entrepreneurship is the foundation of a productive society.

A productive and progressing society is the result of consumers seeking betterment and entrepreneurs seeking to serve them via innovation and improvement. There’s no alternative, if what we want is progress. All regulation and intervention impede the system. The worst kind of intervention — socialism — destroys it entirely.

5) Entrepreneurship flourishes most where there is a supportive history and culture.

To preserve and encourage entrepreneurship and to avoid the descent into a sclerotic interventionist economy, we need to weave recognition of the role of the entrepreneur into our culture and institutions. We need to teach it in our K-12 schools and discuss it around the family dinner table.

6) A world without entrepreneurs would be pretty grim.

Economics often sheds light via thought experiments. Here’s one: imagine a world without entrepreneurs. No innovation. No progress. No automobiles and no iPhones. It doesn’t take long to realize the losses we would suffer and the quality of life we would lose.

7) The post-pandemic world is the perfect time to observe the impact of spontaneous agility and adaptiveness.

There is a tendency for us to focus on the destruction that resulted from the pandemic and the politicians’ misguided imposition of lockdowns. Raushan Gross looks in the other direction: what an opportunity to marvel at entrepreneurial adaptiveness at work in the economic recovery.

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